standard shot blasting machines

Basic shot blasting machines

BASIC MACHINES is new line of shot blasting machines which are the same manufacturing quality as standard machines but have pre-defined characteristics, short delivery time and "attractive" price.

ir sm@rt wheel

ir sm@rt blasting wheel is new, more flexible and will satisfy all you needs and decrease your costs.

Shot blasting machines with roller conveyor

Shot blasting machines with rollers are free-flowing machines, which are used for blasting of sheet metal, sections, small positions on nets, steel constructions and tubes of different dimensions and lengths. Machines may be built into highly productive lines for basic colour application, including drying chamber, automatic colouring chamber and drying tunnel.

Shot blasting machines with endless horizontal conveyor

Shot blasting machines with endless horizontal conveyor are used for blasting flat shaped castings and smaller weights and other metal work pieces of flat shapes and large series, which are suitable for continuous flow through the blasting machine.

Shot blasting machines with conveyor

Barrel shot blasting machines have steel slats conveyor or rubber belt. They are used for shot blasting of different castings, forged parts, pressed parts and all other metal work pieces of smaller dimensions and in large series. Filling of the working parts in the shot blasting machine is manually or with the special filling contraction.

Shot blasting machines with a rotating table

Shot blasting machines with rotating table are used for shot blasting of castings, pressed parts, forged parts and other metal working pieces of smalller and large dimensions. Work pieces are located on a perforated rotating table manually or with fork-lift. Work pieces need to be turned.

Shot blasting machines with overhead conveyor

Shot blasting machines with overhead conveyor have I, Y or circular transport conveyor with hooks. Working pieces are hanged on a rotating hook individually or in a cluster. Free-flowing machines with rotating hook and free-flowing machines with overhead conveyor have circular transport conveyor with hooks, where working pieces are hanged on a rotating hook individually or in a cluster on a hanging closed conveyor.

Anti-corrosion protection lines

Anti-corrosion protection lines are used for protection of sheet metal and sections with a thin layer of basic coating in the storage and processing phase, basic colour application before final colour application.

Shot blasting chambers

Shot blasting chamber is a universal device because in their interior we can shotblast work pieces of different shapes and dimensions, with metal or mineral abrasive. On the work piece which is in the chamber, the employee directs the jet of abrasive by moving the shot blasting gun, which holds it in his hands.

Dust collectors

Dust collectors are used for collecting dust from shot blasting machines and devices, solving dust collection problems in other cases where there are large fluctuations of dust concentration.

Special purpose shot blasting machines

Beside standard shot blasting machines we also manufacture shot blasting machines and anti-corrosion protection lines according to specific customer demands.

Painting booth

Painting chambers are used for automatic or combined application of coatings (paint) to working pieces, usually immediately after blasting.

Preheating chambers

Preheating chambers are installed in lines, where the input material (working pieces) is exposed to weather conditions (low temperature, humidity,..) and is for the blasting process necessary to ensure appropriate entry conditions.

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