ir sm@rt wheel



ir sm@rt wheel is new, more flexible and will satisfied all you needs and decrease your costs.



3 Quality levelsBasic, Standard, Superior
FlexibilityEnables installation of different power of electric motors, different types and qualities of wearing parts (blades, control cage, inlet pipe, shields)
Universality of partsAll components of different qualities or types are replaceable. You can change / increase abrasive projection speed and improve your results.
Adaptable blast patternFor different purpose: shot blasting of work pieces, constructions, shot peening.
ReversibilityThe rotor is adequate for rotation in both directions.
Special applicationsAre a module with rotating control cage, supply filter and trolley for wheels’ assembly.
Energy consumptionIs decreased from 10% to 25%.
Lower abrasive consumptionIs achieved by using high-quality materials, consistency of the hot spot zone and increased speed of abrasive. Save also up to 25% of the abrasive costs.
Competitive prices of wheels and spare partsWe offer the best ratio between the price / quality and efficiency.
Fast change and easy maintenanceThe time needed for change of wearing parts (blades, control cage, impeller and inlet pipe) is approx.. 15 minutes. There is a degree scale and a rotating flange by which you lock the control cage position. The wheel has installed guard that holds the shield for it’s easier and faster change.
Decreased wear-out, vibrations and noise levelThe components are manufactured within narrow tolerances and durability of the screws is much longer, which is shown in quieter and smooth running and also lower vibrations of the wheel.
Increased productivityDue to higher impact energy, e.g. up to 70%, the time needed for shot blasting process is shorter.
Straigtened bearing assemblyThe motors installed on the wheel are of special design with the straightened bearing assembly.
Energy savingsThe motors correspond to the efficiency classes IE 2 or IE 3.
QR codeThe wheel is equipped with a QR code, through which you can access to application with different useful information about the wheel / machine (service book, manuals, parts wearing time). With this application you can easily order spare parts.
Sensors systemIt has been developed to control the wearing state of the wheel, to reduce the amount of spare parts for user, for quality assurance and quality control of the shot blasting process.
Blast pattern controlBlast pattern control is developed to control blast pattern, to control wear of control cage and to control angle of incidence of particles on the work piece. The sensor checks daily position of blast pattern. In case the sensor detects blast pattern offset from the desired area the control cage is automatically moved. With this system it is easier to control and ensure the same results of blasting / peening.
Regulation abrasive flow valveModular regulation abrasive flow valve enables controlled constant flow of abrasive (without hysteresis). Base valve has manually set of stroke from 0% to100%. The valve in case of interruption of electrical power or compressed air closes automatically. The basic version of the valve can be upgraded with an automatic modul to control the flow of abrasive.



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