Clean environment that is surrounding our company and the beautiful valley of river Soča in which we live, repeatedly reminds us that we need to be aware of our responsibility towards the environment. With this awareness, we have undertaken the renovation and improvement of our shot blasting machines. This time we would like to present you improvements in the dust collector and wheel, which are two very important elements of each shot blasting machine.

What is our contribution?

High quality dust collector cartridges that can be installed in our new dust collectors provide even cleaner blown air in the space. The result, which we achieved is 2 mg / m3 of dust in the air.

The possibility of mounting silencer in the dust collector enable noise reduction even down to 45 dB at a distance of 50 meters, which is equivalent to the volume of refrigerator at a distance of 1 meter.

Delightful are results that we achieve with ir sm@rt wheel. We have installed over 400 new wheels in the domestic market, which just compared to our old and competition wheels means for 15.40 % better efficiency. Our customers save 920 kW per year at each ir sm@rt wheel, on average 1,840,000 kWh, which means 184,000 eur of savings.

Assuming that 1 kWh produces 6.6 kg of CO2, this means for 12,144 tons less CO2, which weighs as much as 21 full Airbuses A380. In other words, so much CO2 is produced if you will drive with the car 97.152.000 km, which is the same as if you would go around the Earth 300 times.

Maybe some of you think that our wheels are in relation to all energy consumers just a drop in the ocean, but every journey begins with the first step. Join us on our journey, where we will do something together for a cleaner environment.

If you would like us to calculate your savings contact us.
Zvezdana Čarga Šavli, Marketing and Sales Manager
T: +386 5 380 13 32
M: +386 40 725 586