In cooperation with a representative covering the North American market, we successfully launched a roller conveyor shot blasting machine P-600×200 at the beginning of the year.

The machine is installed in a company that specializes in solutions delivering safe and error-free used fuel storage and nuclear transportation. It is used for shotblasting plates that are used to manufacture nuclear waste product.

It is a special version of the P-Series roller conveyor shot blasting machine, because it is designed for space saving. This is not a continuous pass thru production blaster. The working space is limited within the customers facility so loading/unloading of the plates from the entrance point of the blaster was necessary.

Successful cooperation with a representative for North America

We have recently started working with International Surface Technologies, a full line manufacturer of surface treatment equipment to represent Gostol TST in the North American market. Yet, we are very satisfied with their cooperation, as it has already borne fruit with their first successful project in the market.

In 2021, they moved all production activities and administration to new business premises. This relocation allows them to significantly increase production capacity as their production area has doubled.

They also plan to set up a test centre with three units for testing parts for North American market. This year they will be attending trade fair Fabtech 2022 (Atlanta), where they will be exhibiting a tumble blast machine with rubber belt GG-40.

Nonetheless, their commitment remains to provide the best surface treatment equipment in North America.