What we know about our customer’s challenges?

We know the challenges faced by companies in mechanical engineering and what their requirements are when it comes to achieving high-quality surface treatment and productivity. Our machines ensure high quality standards that corresponds to the CE declaration and directives of individual countries. All the machines are assembled and tested before shipping, which increases security for the customer. We always take into consideration specific customer requirements and details. We work with world-renowned suppliers of built-in components that improve shotblasting process.

With these considerations, we provide our customers with greater productivity, lower operating and maintenance costs, and as a result we ensure lower energy consumption and process control.

How we do it?

We are focused on lasting cooperation and partnership. Our team consists of 100 employees, key personnel are engineers and technical staff, internationally experienced sales engineers and management. We have three subsidiaries in Russia, India and China, as well as an extensive agency network around the world to provide fast customer access.

We also improve the user experience in the after-sales period. We offer customers comprehensive support in the field of maintenance and supply of spare parts. With a Sm@rt cloud platform we enable remote control, quality management and control of the production process.

Company details

Gostol TST d.d.
Čiginj 63
5220 Tolmin


Business details
ID for VAT: SI39411117
Registration number: 5627516000



Sales of machines

Renato Leban

Telephone 00386 5 380 13 00
Mobile phone 00386 40 725 570
Email renato.leban@gostol-tst.eu

Sales of machines, equipment and subcontracting (welded constructions)

Peter Kavčič

Telephone 00386 5 380 12 98
Mobile phone 00386 70 738 370
Email peter.kavcic@gostol-tst.eu

Manager of Eastern Markets and sales of vibratory finishing machines

Aleš Habe

Telephone 00386 5 380 13 18
Mobile phone 00386 70 774 011
Email ales.habe@gostol-tst.eu


Mojca Ivančič

Telephone 00386 5 380 03 04
Mobile phone
Email mojca.ivancic@gostol-tst.eu

After-sales services, Sales of spare parts, abrasive

Vasja Obid

Telephone 00386 5 380 13 14
Mobile phone 00386 40 199 692
Email vasja.obid@gostol-tst.eu


Peter Kuštrin

Telephone 00386 5 380 13 03
Mobile phone 00386 40 725 553
Email peter.kustrin@gostol-tst.eu

Sm@rt cloud platform support

Alenka Lapanja

Telephone 00386 5 380 13 03
Mobile phone 00386 40 820 545
Email alenka.lapanja@gostol-tst.eu

Purchase department

Aleš Valentinčič

Telephone 00386 5 380 12 84
Mobile phone 00386 40 725 578
Email ales.valentincic@gostol-tst.eu

Head of technical service

Žarko Rejec

Telephone 00386 5 380 13 07
Mobile phone 00386 40 725 594
Email zarko.rejec@gostol-tst.eu

Finance and Accounting Manager

Dragica Vencelj

Telephone 00386 5 380 12 89
Mobile phone /
Email dragica.vencelj@gostol-tst.eu

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