The company Gostol TST, which was founded in 1992, continues the tradition of the company Gostol (from 1947 to 1990) and Gostol-Peskalna tehnika (from 1990 to 1992). In the past, they performed the same activity at the same location.

Gostol TST shot blasting machines are installed in different industries, as our machines are custom made and perform well under the toughest conditions. Throughout the entire period, knowledge and experience were remained, transmitted and upgraded. Our references are from different periods, in total we can list more than 4,000 references from different fields of mechanical engineering all over the world.

It is approx. 2,500 shot blasting machines, of which 1,500 are still in operation.

With more than 300 established references in domestic market, Gostol TST is the leading supplier of shot blasting machines in Slovenia.


More than 75 years in the business.


Our machines are in operation in more than 50 countries.


We have more than 2500 satisfied customers.

People about us

We have been working with Gostol TST since 2020, when they delivered the VK-1800x1800 spinner hanger shot blasting machine and the KMP-6x5x9 sandblasting chamber, which are used for blasting various weldments. The equipment was built to our requirements, which was crucial for us. We are pleased that all the agreements regarding manufacture and delivery have been strictly adhered to. This reflects Gostol TST's professionalism and their commitment to quality assurance.

Predrag Bosnić,
General Manager, Schwing Stetter d.o.o., Serbia

"We purchased the machine through a representative in Bulgaria, which facilitated our communication and the purchasing process. Their expertise and advice were invaluable in choosing the right equipment four our specific needs. In addition, they provided us with top-notch support through the buying process, which further enhanced our experience. Overall, we are satisfied with the entire purchase and the reliability of the P-3200x600 shot blasting machine. I would like to thank Gostol TST for their dedication to quality and would recommend their equipment and support to anyone looking for a superior blasting solution.

Rosen Milkov,
Head of strategic planning, TM Technology

We cooperate with company Gostol TST since 1996, when we bought first tumble blast machine GG-80. Later on we decided to buy two more GG-150. We cooperate with demanding customers, also from automotive industry (Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Škoda, etc.), they have very high demands, that's why machines that we use in our production must be very accurate in reliable. We are very satisfied with operating of Gostol TST machines, as they meet all our expectations, they proved to be reliable, effective and are very easy to operate.

Toni Pevec,
Marovt, Slovenia

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