If you want to get the most out of your shot blasting machine, you need to think well what kind of abrasive you will choose. With the right type of abrasive, you will achieve the best quality of blasted surface, optimal blasting time and lover wear of wheel parts.

Below is a brief description of all types of abrasives that you can order at Gostol TST.

Shot and grit

Microstructure of cast steel shot and grit is uniform martensite, heat-treated to a temperature consistent with the hardness range, with fine well-distributed carbides, if any. No more than 15% of particles should have an undesirable structure.

Mixes shot/shot; grit/grit; shot/grit

We have a significant number of tried and tested shot/shot, grit/grit and shot/grit mixes for use in particular applications, where the customer’s product and equipment can benefit from its use.

High carbon steel

High carbon shot and grit transfer energy more efficiently than low carbon, making high carbon superior in blasting applications.

Stainless abrasive

Stainless abrasive is recommended where ferrous contamination should be avoided.

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