European Business Award is organization, which recognizes and rewards excellence, best practice and innovation in European companies in different business sectors.

For the second year in a row we have been selected as National Champion and will represent Slovenia in category Import / Export. This is Europe’s largest business competition that celebrate business excellence and best practice in European business community.

Main reasons, that convinced the committee for the awards at European Business Award were following:

  • High share of export in total sales. We export over 90 % of all our products.
  • Extensive network of representatives with which we cover most of European countries, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Brazil, etc.
  • Subsidiaries in Russia, India and China.
  • Numerous references that we have all over the world, but mainly in EU, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, countries of former Yugoslavia, Australia, Brazil, China, etc.

We are proud, that we become National Champion in the category Import / Export for the second year in a row and that we stay in good company with other European companies, that won the title.

You can see the list of all National Champions in following link