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Shot blasting machine service and free training


Shot blasting machines are a key piece of equipment in a variety of industries that deal with the metal surface treatment. Their effectiveness is directly related to regular maintenance of the machines and the training of the operators. Aware of the importance of both factors, we have decided on a special campaign, where, in addition to shot blasting machine service, we also offer free operator training.

Why is shot blasting machine service so important?

Individual parts of the shot blasting machine are exposed to various stresses and abrasive, which leads to component wear and, consequently, to a decrease in efficiency. Regular maintenance is key to maintain optimal performance and a longer machine life. Service of the shot blasting machine includes inspection of the machine, adjustment of basic machine settings, advice on maintenance and operation, and a proposal for the replacement of worn parts.

The importance of operator training

Trained operators are not only the key to the safe and efficient use of shot blasting machines, but can also contribute to increased productivity and surface finish quality. By understanding proper use and maintenance, operators can prevent machine damage, reduce downtime, and improve the end results of the treatment.

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Our special action

In line with our commitment to ensure the highest quality of service, we have prepared a special campaign that combines the service of shot blasting machine with free operator training. When ordering shot blasting machine service, we also offer free operator training.

Benefits you can expect: 

  • Optimum machine performance: Regular maintenance of shot blasting machine will ensure that your machine is running flawlessly.
  • Improved efficiency: Trained operators will use the machine more efficiently, increasing your company's productivity.
  • Cost-effectiveness: With regular maintenance, you can avoid expensive repairs and time lost due to downtime.
  • Greater safety: Trained operators will ensure a safe working environment and reduce the risk of injury.

Do not hesitate and take advantage of this opportunity to improve the performance of your machine and the training of your staff.

This action applies to all service orders up to 31st May 2024.

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