In  Gostol TST we are developing a universal robotic shot blasting machine, which will enable complete automation and high efficiency of the shotblasting process. The robot directly carries the workpiece from the transition chamber to the shotblasting chamber, where it is exposed to the shotblasting jet. After the operation, the robot places the workpiece again in the transition chamber.

Main advantages

The machine enables easy automation of the shot blasting process for a wide range of workpieces. Manual loading is no longer required.

The design of the machine with a transition and shot blasting chamber significantly shortens the entire cycle, as the time required for manipulation is short.

High efficiency of the shot blasting process.

It solves the problem of shotblasting fragile workpieces, which should not be shotblasted in drum machines or machines where the workpiecws would be damaged due to rolling.

The surfaces can be shotblasted with different intensity, as the kinematics of the workpiece is controlled by the robot program.

Different units can be used on the robot arm, such as: a gripper for individual pieces, a branched hanger for many workpieces, a drum, etc.

An example of automated sticking of a workpiece

* The image is intended to represent an idea and does not represent a detailed solution

Various options for clamping the workpiece

* The image is intended to represent an idea and does not represent a detailed solution

Do you think we could work together?

If your products (workpieces):

  • weight up to 20 kg,
  • the maximum dimensions are 500 x 200 mm,
  • are complicated shapes,
  • are produced in large series.

You have certain specific requirements, because you want to highlight a specific point of the workpiece or you need more precise processing.

You want to automate the shot blasting process.

If these statements also apply to your products, then a universal robotic shot blasting machine would be the right solution.

If you need more information, please contact us at or call Mrs. Zvezdana Čarga Šavli at +386 40 725 586.

We can also arrange a visit to your company or a zoom presentation.