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Sheet metal shotblasting in the renewable energy industry

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine P-3000x400

Last year, we completed a number of projects with business partners in various countries. One of the most important was the roller conveyor shot blasting machine P-3000x400, which we installed in an international company specialising in the production of industrial components for wind energy.

It will be used to shotblast sheet metal up to 3000 mm wide, which is used for the production of various components such as towers, piles and monopiles in the construction of offshore wind power plants. This is part of the renewable energy sector, where specific and high-quality structures are needed to operate in the harsh conditions of the sea. 

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine P-3000x400

Get more efficiency and savings with built-in options

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine P-3000x400 has eight 18.5 kW ir blasting wheels and a 26 m long roller conveyor at both the inlet and outlet. The machine is equipped with a number of options, such as a spatial dust collector, Economiser, constant pressure gauge and frequency converters for the blasting wheels and dust collector fan, which allow energy savings and even more efficient shot blasting machine oepration. Some of these options can also be integrated into the Sm@rt cloud platform, allowing even greater control over the machine's operation.

The key role of a professional team: another successfully completed project

We would also like to highlight our professional team of fitters who were key to the successful completion of the project. Their professionalism and dedication were crucial to ensure that the shot blasting machine was assembled and commissioned within the agreed time frame. We do not see this machine as just another project, but also as a contribution to a sustainable future. We are proud that it is part of an industry that has a significant impact on the ecology, as it represents a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to electrictiy generation. 

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