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The new Sm@rt mechatronic abrasive separator

Smart mehatronski separator

We have developed a new family of mechatronic separators for shot blasting machines. We wanted to take a step forward in this area, because classic separators, which work in a completely mechanical way, often do not work optimally, or it depends on the knowledge and experience of the operator. The result is an incorrect operational mixture, which impairs the efficiency of the shotblasting process and greatly increases the operating costs of shot blasting machine.

The most common examples of a poorly functioning separator are:

  • There is an inadequate operational mixture of abrasive in the shot blasting machine due to insufficient removal of the worn abrasive, which greatly increases the shotblasting time.
  • Poor removal of worn abrasive and dust in the operating mixture greatly increases the wear of blasting wheel parts. The difference in the lifetime of blasting wheel blades can be 10 times.
  • A poorly adjusted separator discharge usable abrasive into the waste.

The SMSA separator solves all these problems automatically with the help of controller, as it ensures an optimal curtain of abrasive across the entire width of the separator. The separation is precise, which ensures the desired operating mixture, and only worn abrasive and dust pass into the waste.

Modern shot blasting machines are often equipped with blasting wheels frequency regulators, which enable different operating modes of the shot blasting machine. This also changes the amount of abrasive flow that flows into the separator. The SMSA separator enables optimal operation even with variable regimes without readjustment.

Monitoring of the overall operation of the SMSA separator is also possible via the Gostol TST Sm@rt cloud platform.

Air separators work on different physical principles, which have certain advantages and disadvantages. SMSA combines positive advantages and work in an energy-efficiency way.

We also received an award from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the innovative design of the separator and filed a patent application.

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