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Three decades of cooperation and friendship


We are proud of our long-standing cooperation with our representative in Serbia, which celebrates 30 years of cooperation this year. We were happy to celebrate this important anniversary together, surrounded by many good memories, emotions and looking forward to future cooperation.

The event was very well prepared and held a friendly atmosphere. We gathered at the Silver Lake, which is a true pearl of Serbia, thanks to its exceptional beauty and diverse possibilities for relaxation. After the official part of the celebration, we also found time to reminisce and socialise, because, in addition to business cooperation, human values, friendship and mutual respect are also important to us.

In these three decades of cooperation, we have overcome many challenges and achieved many successes. We have established some excellent references that have built the foundation of our reputation and credibility in the industry. Our machines are known in Serbia as a synonym for quality and reliability, as confirmed by many satisfied customers. Among them, we also have loyal customers who return to us again and again and with whom we develop new solutions. Their trust and loyalty is of paramount importance to us, as it confirms that our continuous improvement and commitment to quality service are delivering results. Over the years, we have built a strong network of partnerships, enabling us to continue to grow and develop in line with market needs.

Shot blasting machines Serbia

The connection between the employees of both companies is something that particularly stands out in our cooperation. We have often celebrated together, helped each other through difficult times and supported each other through personal and professional challenges. Many friendships that started as business acquaintances are now strong and sincere, whether the individuals are still working or enjoying a well-deserved retirement.

Our common story does not end here. Let this be just the beginning of a new era in which we will continue to build on the foundations we have laid over the years. Together, we will seek new opportunities, face new challenges and continue to strengthen our ties.

Nipek Gostol TST

The celebration of the 30th anniversary of our Serbian-Slovenian cooperation was an opportunity to remember all the achievements of the past, to appreciate the friendship of today and to look forward to the future. Our company is proud of this long-standing partnership, which proves that the most successful collaborations are those based on mutual respect, trust and sincere human relations.

May the next 30 years be even more successful and full of new stories that will shape our common path forward.

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