Centrifugal dryer - CS

Discover the power of Gostol TST vibratory finishing machines. Whether it's cleaning, deburring, or polishing, our range of precision machines offers optimal solutions for your product's quality needs. Choose from various shapes and sizes to find the perfect fit for achieving exceptional results in production.

Advantages & features

  • Robust design of the machine
  • Reliability
  • Productivity and technical perfection of machines


The centrifugal dryer is used for drying small and medium-sized workpieces. It ensures effective drying without any stains and effectively prevents workpieces from sticking to each other. It is mainly used in cases when  maize cannot be used as a medium (due to the issue of maize grains to get stuck).

The workpieces are dried in centrifugal system with the help of hot air from the heating elements on the upper part of the machine.

A propeller located on the bottom part of the machine sucks in warm air, enabling it to circulate through the workpieces, achieving optimal efficiency. Any water present on the workpieces is then directed out through the machine's drainage channel.

Rest assured, our centrifugal dryers adhere to stringent European standards, ensuring they meet and exceed all your requirements. Elevate your surface finishing processes with confidence.

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Technical data

Machine type CS 50
Basket gross volume (l) 48
Basket usable volume (l) 28
Maximum load (kg) 50
Engine power (kW) 1.5
Heater power (kW) 2000
Air fan power (W) 100
Brake power (Nm) 25
Voltage (V/Hz) 380/50
Operating speed (rpm) 625
Weight (kg) 240


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