Modifications / Upgrades

In industries, upgrading equipment is important to make it work better and more efficiently. These improvements can help things run smoother and produce more. Our experts are ready to help you with the upgrade process, finding the right solutions for your specific needs. Our services include:

Blasting wheel replacement

Consider upgrading to our advanced ir sm@rt blasting wheel, renowned for its high efficiency in the market. Whether you own a Gostol TST shot blasting machine or one from another manufacturer, you have the option to switch to our ir sm@rt blasting wheels. This replacement brings several key advantages, including:

  • Multi-option characteristic
  • Customer-defined characteristics
  • Special applications
  • Lower operating costs
  • Long-ife and wear resistance

Options and Sm@rt cloud platform

Adding different options can make your machine work better. By installing various options, you can improve certain areas, such as: energy savings, lower abrasive consumption, less maintenance and production interruptions, improve shot blasting process and design improvement. Some of the options can be connected with Sm@rt cloud platform, which enables remote control, quality management and control of the production process. It works with some older Gostol TST machines and all new ones.

Electrical cabinet upgrade

Over time, certain work process parameters or products may change, so the electrical cabinet needs to be adapted. Our experts can help you figure out what to do and offer the best solution. We can make new plans, set up new programs, and do all the necessary work in the electrical cabinet.

Replacing the old dust collector with the new one

If the dust collector is old or for other reasons no longer meets the required environmental and health standards, we can help. Depending on what you need, we can make plans and change the old dust collector for a new and better one.

Machine relocation

If you need to move the machine from one location to another, our team of fitters will help you. We can professionally dismantle the machine, arrange the transport and assemble the machine in other location. 

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