Regular service

We provide professional service for smooth and optimal operation of the shot blasting machine. There are three packages to choose from. Which one suits you best depends on your requirements and needs.


Full machine inspection within 3 weeks after contacting Gostol TST. It includes machine inspection, minor adjustments of the machine, advice and offer for the replacement of spare parts. 


At the planned service interval, we provide you with a regular service, based on which a proposal for servicing and replacement of spare parts is prepared. You also get special offer for your spare parts.


Quick response within 48 hours after your call to Gostol TST after-sales department. Recommended for companies that have continuous production and cannot afford downtime or production interruptions. 

*Available only in some countries.

Why is important to regular service your shot blasting machine?

With regular service, operating costs are lower and the machine’s lifetime is extended. Regular maintenance is a condition for optimal machine performance. The service department approaches each customer individually, according to their needs and wishes. Since you will in constant contact with our after-sales service department, you will get to know our team better, and they will be familiar with your wishes and equipment. Performing regular maintenance more than pays for itself due to increased efficiency and lower operating costs.

How to have full control over the machine?

You can easily access your service book in the Sm@rt cloud platform. By monitoring the service life of the blades, the level of wear of shields, the differential pressure and other key parameters that are visible in the Sm@rt cloud platform, you will have a realistic picture of the operation of the machine and you will be informed in time about wear or improper operation of the machine.

Would you like to learn more about effective maintenance of a shot blasting machine? Discover key tips and tricks now! MACHINE MAINTENANCE MANUAL
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