Technical support

A team of skilled experts stands ready to provide you with advice and assistance in resolving technical challenges and issues.

Comprehensive technical support: How can we assist you?

  • Online Troubleshooting:

For software-related issues, our engineers establish a direct connection to your shot blasting machine via modem, swiftly resolving problems. We also provide remote assistance through webcams positioned on the machine.

  • Direct Communication:

Contact us effortlessly via phone, email, or webcam for immediate assistance. Our team offers expert advice for addressing mechanical challenges and fine-tuning machine operation and settings.

  • Operator Training:

We provide training sessions for machine operators, ensuring their adeptness in operating the machine correctly and efficiently.

  • Abrasive Selection Guidance:

Our experts guide you in selecting the optimal abrasive, taking into account your specific requirements and applications.

With our technical support, we are committed to ensuring the seamless operation and maximized efficiency of your shot blasting machine.

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