ERROR: Elevator - No signal from rotation control switch (-BXX.X)

The elevator motor was working, but the actual rotation of the elevator belt was not detected. The motor that rotates the elevator belt is located at the top of the elevator, and the switch that detects the rotation is located at the bottom. As the elevator belt rotates, the switch detects the metal star, which should also rotate. Switch the operation of the machine to manual mode and turn on the elevator.

  • If after switching on the elevator, the elevator motor runs but belt does not rotate (the star at the bottom of the elevator is stationary). It is necessary to tension the elevator belt, the tensioning procedure is described in the machine's mechanical instructions.
  • If after switching on the elevator, the belt rotates but the switch does not detect the movement of the star. It is necessary to bring the switch closer to the connection to detect each of its transitions. The reach of the switch is 2mm.
  • If necessary, we replace the inductive switch.

Induktivno stikalo

  • If the switch really works, check in the status screens "TRANSPORT ABRASIVA". When the inductive switch is covered, the red cross change to green checkmark.

Transport abraziva

If you need additional information, call the Gostol TST service department.
Žarko Rejec
M: 00386 40 725 594

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