ERROR: Screw - Motor protector switch (-QXX.X)

The motor protection switches are located in the power section of the electrical cabinet. We look for a motor switch with a label that matches the label from error text message. The push or rotary button on the motor switch must be placed in the right position. Confirm the error on the machine's screen and turn on the drive from the error again.

Motorsko stikalo

The motor switch is switched off again.

  • If possible, use current clamps to measure the motor current at the moment before the motor switch is turned off.
  • Check whether the screw is mechanically blocked, remove the obstacle and ensure that the screw can freely rotate.
  • Check the motor, check with a measuring instrument that none of the three phases of the motor is in contact with the ground, we check that the two phases are not in short circuit with each other.
  • Check the setting of the motor protection switch, the current set on the motor switch must match the rated current of the motor (read from the motor nameplate).

If you need additional information, call the Gostol TST service department.
Žarko Rejec
M: 00386 40 725 594

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