INFORMATION: Confirm Actuator Limits

In order for the actuator to function properly, we must save its limit positions, when closed and open. It is necessary to do this at machine first start-up, when changing the actuator with new one or if improper operation of the actuator has been detected.

The process of saving limits can only be performed when the machine is in manual mode, the user must be log in as "Servicer": User: service, Password: user01.

In the main menu, select the parameters icon, then click on the button; "IR smart valves". We select the actuator for which we want to save the limit positions.

During the opening and closing of the actuator, we observe an analog value, it must change gradually, positive or negative depending on the button that is hold.

Potrjevanje skrajnih pozicij aktuatorja

Figure: IR valve fully closed (0%), IR valve fully open (100%)

If you need additional information, call the Gostol TST service department.
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