The validity of warranty is connected with the implementation of activities indicated in the chapter 8. Machine maintenance and in Service Book.

In case of non-fulfilment of daily, weekly, monthly and annually activities, the complaints will not be taken in consideration, or they will be charged for.

To achieve optimal and long-term operation of the machine, perform a general inspection of the machine and service 1x per year or after 1200 working hours (depending which condition occurs first)!

General inspection and service check-up and any subsequent maintenance and (or) repair must be done professionally.

If the condition occurs withing the warranty period, and the customer does not order "General control and service chek-up" from the manufacturer of the machine or do not coordinate with the manufacturer of the machine about it, then warranty is considered no longer valid!

The worn-out parts must be always replaced with original ones!

If you need additional information, call the Gostol TST service department.
Žarko Rejec
M: 00386 40 725 594

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