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Highly productive shot blasting machine for shotblasting tie rod ends


Electric cars are quickly gaining ground in Europe as a sustainable transport option. Despite many subsidies and tax breaks, there are still many challenges, such as the high cost of electric cars and infrastructure development, that need to be overcome.

However, electric mobility is on the rise in Europe and with continued support from governments, technological advances and changing consumer attitudes, electric vehicles will play an important role in transport.

In electric cars, there is a lot of emphasis on reducing the weight of the components. For this reason, the manufacturing technology of certain components has also changed and replaced for example arm bushes, links, wheel hubs, steering knuckles, tie rods are made of forged aluminium, which ensures high strength and low weight.

continuous tumble belt shot blasting machine

Our solution for shotblasting tie rod ends is a continuous tumble belt blast machine

It is a highly productive continuous machine that can be placed in a line, where workpieces can be continuously loaded or unloaded into and out of the machine. Loading and unloading can be done automatically or with different conveyors.

The shot blasting machine is particularly suitable for shotblasting sensitive workpieces, where the surface must not be damaged and at the same time high capacity is required, i.e. piece/second.

The core of the machine is the internal caterpillar unit which allows intensive mixing of the workpieces during blasting and uniform flow of the workpieces through the machine. The workpiece flow through the machine is adjustable by the speed of the caterpillar unit. The operation of the machine is unique as it eliminates the shortcomings of classic shot blasting machines, i.e.: damage to workpieces during shotblasting, interrupted shotblasting due to loading and unloading, manual loading on hangers and uneven shotblasting of workpieces.

The shot blasting machine works successfully in the aluminium forgings plant, where the tie rod ends are shotblasted for prestigious cars, such as e.g. Tesla.

If your company also has special requirements regarding the shotblasting of your workpieces, contact us, as we focus on each individual project and prepare an appropriate offer.

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