Easier and more correct decisions

sm@rt cloud platform

At work, at home, in our free time, everywhere we are bombarded with a lot of information from different sides. It often happens to us that for more important and long-term decisions we need data which we have to analyse and compare with each other. We may also not have the right data or it is difficult to get it, we do not know what information to choose and how to connect it into a meaningful whole.

Because we are aware of how important it is to have the right data at the right time so that we can make the right decision, we have developed the sm@rt cloud platform.

What is the sm@rt cloud platform?

The sm@rt cloud platform is a system where all the information about your shot blasting machine that you need is gathered in one place. You can access the platform easily, via a web address, anywhere and anytime, all you need is an internet connection.

The main features of the platform are the following:

Let’s focus on the problem and optimize the results

When creating and designing the sm@rt cloud platform, our team pursued the goal that the operation of the shot blasting machine is as efficient as possible and that all data is collected in one place, transparent, and above all that the user will benefit from it as much as possible. The main focus is on three areas in which we want to help you:

Depending on your production process, our experts will advise you on which goal is the most sensible to pursue and which options you should choose within this goal.

Invest in digitization

Digitization is more and more present in all areas of our lives, it brings additional benefits and facilitates work and decisions, so at Gostol TST we would like to approach you and support your decision regarding the digitization of your shot blasting machine.

The sm@rt cloud platform is available for some existing and all new Gostol TST shot blasting machines.

For more information contact us at smartcloud@gostol-tst.eu.

Contact person:

Renato Leban, Sales Expert
T: 00386 5 380 13 00
M: 00386 40 725 570
E: renato.leban@gostol-tst.eu

Vasja Obid, After-sales department
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M: 00386 40 199 692
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