After-sales activities

At Gostol TST we are aware of the importance of flawless operation of the shot blasting machine, as any unforeseen downtime or interruption of production can mean large losses, so we offer the following services as part of the after-sales:

Regular service

We provide regular service at the scheduled service interval, which ensures optimal operation of the machine. With regular service, operating costs are lower and machine life is extended. On the basis of regular service, the operation of the machine is inspected and a proposal for servicing and replacement of spare parts is prepared.


Regular maintenance is a condition for optimal machine operation. The Gostol TST team of qualified fitters provides you with reliable and professional service. Signing a maintenance contract makes it even easier for you to plan servicing and maintenance of the machine. This also extends the life of machine and reduces maintenance costs.

Technical support and consulting

A trained team of experts offers all our customers help in solving technical issues and problems. We have a lot of experience in all areas of shot blasting technology, based on which we can advise you and help make your shot blasting machine work flawlessly. We can be reached by phone or e-mail.

 Modifications / upgrades

We inform customers about novelties and together with them we find the best solution for processing or upgrading the machine, which enables to improve their results. There are many options available for throwing wheels, shot blasting machine, dust collector or electrical equipment that can be installed on existing shot blasting machines.

Assembly and staff training

After the delivery of shot blasting machine, a team of qualified fitters installs it and puts it into operation. In addition, the operator is properly educated and trained to work with the machine, as this is the only way the machine will work optimally and to achieve maximum efficiency.

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Contact person:

Peter Kuštrin, After sales service
T: 00386 5 380 13 13
M: 00386 40 725 553

Alenka Lapanja, Sales
T: 00386 5 380 13 03
M: 00386 40 820 545