Shot blasting machines serve a dual purpose: they can effectively remove bath residues from anode blocks during the electrolytic production of aluminum or perform surface treatments on aluminum workpieces. Whichever application you require, we have the suitable solution for your needs.


Aluminium production

  • Removal of bath residues used in the aluminium production process

Aluminium workpieces

  • Cleaning
  • Deburring
  • Surface roughening
  • General surface preparation prior further processing


Aluminum Production: Shotblasting of Anode Blocks (Butts) and Stubs

In the electrolytic production process of aluminum, carbon anode blocks play a crucial role. These blocks are affixed to iron/aluminum supports, facilitating the flow of electric current. Over time, a bath residue accumulates on these blocks. When the blocks are replaced with new ones, the old blocks need to undergo processing and reuse, necessitating the removal of the bath residue.

To address this requirement, we have developed two distinct types of shot blasting machines. The PAB shot blasting machine is designed to remove the remaining bath residue from all sides of the utilized carbon blocks, as well as partially from the supporting stubs. On the other hand, the PAP shot blasting machine is specifically designed to clean the stubs themselves. These innovative solutions ensure the efficient and thorough removal of bath remains, contributing to the seamless continuation of the aluminum production process.

Shotblasting of aluminium workpieces

Shotblasting is the fastest and most effective method for deburring various aluminium castings and preparing the surface before further processing, panting or applying a protective layer against corrosion. Shotblasting ensures a uniform, homogeneous matte surface, which enables a more precise inspection of the surface and easier detection of casting errors and reduces problems with porosity. 

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