Production / processing of wire, pipes, round bars and profiles, cylinders

Special types of shot blasting machines enable shotblasting of the outer surface of workpieces to remove rust, scales or other contaminants. In the case of wire, shotblasting is used to remove scales, and it also enables the detection of defects on the surface of rolled products.


  • Surface preparation for further processing
  • Surface cleaning
  • Descaling


The shot blasting machines offer the capability to efficiently shotblast the outer surfaces of pipes, round bars, profiles, as well as cylinders with varying diameters and lengths. It remains crucial that the workpieces are entirely devoid of rust, scales, and other contaminants, regardless of whether they are finalized products or utilized within other manufacturing contexts.

For wires, shotblasting serves the purpose of scale removal, while also facilitating the identification of surface defects on rolled products. Shotblasting boasts several advantages over acid pickling, which include:

  • Achieving a perfect surface post shotblasting, free from scales, dust, or chemical residues,
  • Attaining a consistently uniform silver matte appearance across the surface,
  • Ensuring user-friendly operation of the shot blasting machine with minimal space requirements,
  • Eliminating waste-related concerns associated with acid usage,
  • Realizing cost savings both in terms of the overall process and cleaning expenditures.

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Type of workpieces

Pipes, round bars and profiles, cylinders

Suitable shot blasting machines:


Suitable shot blasting machines:

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