Automotive industry

We have extensive experience and maintain effective collaborations with both automotive manufacturers and suppliers of individual car components. Operating within an industry characterized by stringent standards and demanding specification, we remain in constant alignement with the industry's evolution. This unwavering connection with our clients ensures seamless cooperation, given the dynamic nature of this ever-developing sector.


  • Sand removal
  • Shot peening
  • Cleaning
  • Surface roughening
  • Surface preparation for further mechanical processing


The automotive sector stands as a global giant, encompassing car manufacturers and the array of suppliers contributing individual components to vehicle assembly. Withing Gostol TST, we boast a wealth of experience and excel in fostering collaborations with both these segments. Thriving within an industry marked by exacting standards and perpetual progress, we recognize the vital role of client partnership in deriving optimal solutions. This responsive cooperation remains imperative in navigating an arena defined by high demands, rigorous benchmarks, and continuous evolution.

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Need more information? We are here for you.
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